Your Daily 5 Nordic Facts : Sweden

  1. In Stockholm they tested a ‘Speed Camera Lottery.’ If you didn’t drive like a dickhead, you were automatically entered into a lottery funded by the fines of drivers who did drive like dickheads.
  2. Thousands of ‘moose-crossing’ warning signs are nicked every year.
  3. If you donate blood in Sweden, you receive a text message every time it’s used to save someone’s life.
  4. The late Swedish badass Göran Kropp rode his bike from Stockholm to Nepal, climbed Mount Everest alone without Sherpas or oxygen, then cycled back to Sweden.
  5. In Älvdalen, a locality in Dalarna, the people still speak an ancient dialect of Old Norse called Elfdalian. These also used runes up until the 1900s.


Sources that helped me find out this stuff:, Quora

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