You’ll Want To See These Icelandic Wild Horses

Oh Iceland, such a spectacular, fantastical, mesmerizing country.  Everyone that travels to its shores is always left profoundly affected by its magnificence. And magnificence isn’t a word that I use lightly. Iceland is a world away from the world most of us know.

One such person who was stirred up by Iceland – and its wild horses – is New York City based photographer Drew Doggett, who travelled to the country with the intention of capturing ‘the unique relationship between this land and the horses.’

“Throughout all of my work, I find that I am consistently drawn towards places on Earth that are near-impossible. Iceland is a surreal place, and the horses are the perfect companions to this unusual yet breathtaking land; the combination of the two is truly unforgettable.” – Bored Panda

Drew usually creates his work in black and white, but said that this series – which he called In The Realm of Legends, ‘demanded colour.’ Drew said he wants to leave viewers with ‘feelings of ‘collective nostalgia, inspiration, and fantasy.’

Make sure to stay around for the short film, which is scored by Christopher Ward, a multi-platinum Oscar and Grammy-winning composer.



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