31 Day Climate Change Art Challenge

This global heatwave, the fires consuming the Arctic Circle, and the fact my baby girl is sad a lot of the time at the moment because she’s just too damn hot has prompted me to start a climate change art challenge, starting on the on the 1st of August and ending on the 31st. There really is no time like the present to start influencing change.


If you want to get involved it would be fantastic. There’s no right or wrong art. If you want to create 31 photos influenced on how this heatwave has affected you, that’s cool. If you want to mix things up, say, make a poem one day, a photograph the next, a painting the day after that, that’s cool too. Art in all forms, including music and film, is welcome, so long as you are expressing your thoughts, feelings, emotions and ideas about our challenged planet.

When you’ve made your art piece, it would be great if you could put it up on Instagram and use the hashtag #climatechangeartchallenge so I can find it, and then I’ll share it on the MostNorthern Instagram page.

You can also post it to the Facebook page I’ve made especially for this challenge. I intend to share art on Instagram by 7pm daily, give or take an hour. It doesn’t matter when you post on the FB page.

If enough people take part, I may look into producing a publication or organizing an exhibition to showcase the creations.

If you need some inspiration, you can find art I’ve made at the MostNorthern shop. I’ve also made a Pinterest board, which I’ll update regularly throughout the challenge. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments box below.


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