Eyes On The Arctic : Need To Read Things

In this weekly post, I collect all the need-to-read arctic related things that I’ve found over the past several days, and put them here in a handy bundle of links for you to pick, click and read. (Sorry it’s a few days late!)

12526-snowflake5 Books about the Arctic and Antarctic to Cool Off With This Summer

12526-snowflake It’s 90 Degrees in the Arctic Circle This Week. The Best Way to Fight Global Warming? VEGANISM.

12526-snowflakeSee the Scars That Oil Exploration Cut Across Alaska’s Wilderness

12526-snowflakeArctic Carbon Cycle Is Speeding Up, Study Finds

12526-snowflakeFighting for a Way of Life in the Arctic

12526-snowflakeOur climate plans are in pieces as killer summer shreds records


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