“Ah, if only you knew how splendid it is up there in the North.”

Roald Amundson

Hallo! Hej! Hei! Halló! Aluu! (Hello in Norwegian, Danish/Swedish, Finish, Icelandic/Faroese and Greenlandic.) I welcome you, traveler of the world wide web, to my northerly sanctuary.

My name is Katie and I’m The Girl With Cold Hands. (I actually do have really cold hands. My circulation is terrible.) I’m an author, blogger, poet and songwriter. Both my life and work are deeply rooted in the North and Winter.

A couple of years ago, people around me became fed up of my northerly monologues. (They didn’t need to tell me they were, I could tell by the way their eyes glazed over whenever I opened my mouth.) So I decided I’d start a blog where I could go on indefinitely about our northern climes and season of cold and perhaps even encounter folks who loved these things as much as me.

This blog has served many purposes since it launched in 2018, and for the time being, it’ll continue to be a place where I share all sorts, from book reviews, to essays, to interviews, to my thoughts on climate change in the Arctic. Though it’s my intention for it to be – one day, in the not so distant future – a place where I share with you the daily goings on of my life in Norway. It may be that I share some of the journey to arriving at that point. (Though writing posts about the Brexit hurdles I’m going to have to navigate might not make for that enthralling a read.) For now though, I’m writing to you from a little town in the North of England with my collection of lusekofte.

Katie – The Girl With (Really) Cold Hands.

If you would like to get in touch to say you too eat, sleep, breathe the North and everything wintry, or to talk about anything else, please send an email to: katiemetcalfewriting@hotmail.com

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